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Welcome to my website!


My name is Takazumi and I am a photographer working in the London and Hertfordshire area, with many years of experience in different types of photography. I am hugely passionate about photography from using it as an art form, to taking beautiful photographs of people and capturing life's special moments. Please check out the different sections of my website and the selection of photos from my portfolio to find out how we might be able work together to give you what you're looking for. I'd love to hear from you! 

My experience ranges from my ongoing work as a portrait photographer at a London studio, to regular editorial contributions in a London newspaper, and various freelance assignments including weddings, exhibitions, corporate brochures, and product shoots. I also hold a diploma in photography from the London College of Communication, part of the University of Arts London. 

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​I also love artistic photographs and I exhibit my works at galleries and art fairs. 

If you are interested in my photographic art works, please visit



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